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Small Business Web Site Design - Portfolio Close-Up


Maher Water Corporation is a small business with a defined service area and not much need to reach beyond its territory in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This small business web site is designed to provide helpful information about soft water, water filtration, and problems like odor in the water. The goal is to inspire confidence in the consumer so they will call or email Maher’s to fix their water problem.

The web site highlights this small business’ products and a prominently placed button invites visitors to request a free water test. The site was started in 1998 and is still somewhat rough around the edges; a re-design is planned for summer of 2006. Plans plans include an ecommerce shop and a database where customers can access accounts.

Despite its rough edges, this small business web site brings in a steady stream of leads.


Small Business Web Design Highlights

An animation on the home page introduces a new product line being carried by the company.

The header and graphics on the home page tell the visitor that this is an established company and that they have credentials.

The primary call to action--an invitation to request a free water test--is prominently displayed in the sidebar of each page on the web site.

A link exchange campaign has created a network of relevant web sites that not only increase the site’s popularity, but provide resources of interest to visitors.

Because of the ever-changing nature of the internet, small business web sites that have been consistantly online for a number of years (in the case of Maher Water Corporation, eight years) do well in search engine rankings. Adding content to the site and cleaning up the layout will make it easier for people and search engine spiders to read. Soon Maher’s will be a resource for visitors from all over the world. New ways to monetize the site (i.e. advertising) will be considered as an additional income source.