Web Design and Promotion

Church Web Site Design - Portfolio Close-Up


Many church web site designs consist of their weekly bulletin in an online format. The basic information needs to be there, such as the schedule of services, contact information, and location. When current events are also posted regularly on the churchweb site, its value to visitors increases greatly.

With SaintPeterCatholic.com we envisioned something beyond the basics. Rather thansimply putting the bulletin online, visitors have access to an interactive calendar ofevents which is easily kept up-to-date by the parish secretary.

This website is constantly growing and changing as new resources are added that makeit possible for this local Catholic church web site to reach far beyond its neighborhood to spread its message to visitors worldwide. Several requests for more information aboutthe Catholic Church have been received through the web site since its launch.


Church Web Site Design Highlights

An interactive calendar automatically displays this week’s events on the homepage. The full calendar can be customized to display events for a specific group.

A form with drop-down options allows visitors to sign up for any of three email newsletters.

Visitors can download streaming videos of talks given at the parish.

A drop-down menu provides links to individual mini-sites for groups within the parish.

The pastor’s weekly column is displayed on the home-page, assuring that the page is consistantly updated with fresh content.

The St. Peter Church site is one of the most promient sites in the internet search engine rankings for Stevens Point. After just a few months, it ranks in google #1 for Stevens Point Catholic Church and Stevens Point Church, and #2 for Stevens Point Catholic The site is constantly growing, with two blogs and archives of the pastor’s column being added to regularly, plus other new content pages.