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Professional Web Design - Affordable Prices

Affordable Web Design Packages

$125 Debut Package

Scanning or editting two photos (i.e. logo, one product or portrait photo)
1 Custom designed web page

This package is ideal for the business that does not have an internet presence yet and is looking to get online soon with a limited budget. Provides an easy way for online customers to find your contact information and location.

Estimated Delivery Time: 3-5 business days


Basic Maintenance: $15/month

$400 Web Presence Package

Includes scanning or editting 10 photos (logo, products, portraits etc.)
5 custom designed web pages

If you would like to give your customers more reasons to choose you over your competitor, a five page package could work well. You can showcase your offline store or display sale information. If you have a limited number of products to sell online, you may want to also consider adding a shopping cart to your five page store.

Estimated Delivery Time: 7-10 business days

Basic Maintenace: $40/month

$800 Internet Entrepreneur Package

Scanning or editing up to 20 photos (storefront, logo, products, staff, etc.)
10 custom designed pages
Online contact form

A ten page website provides you with a real opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors both online and off. You can have multiple categories of featured products, include a map and directions to your store, provide easy access to common customer concerns, new ways to bring income to your company, and more.

Estimated Delivery Time: 15- 20 business days

Basic Maintenance Package: $50/month
Web Builder Package: $75/month

$1500 Presidential Package

Scanning or editing up to 40 photos (storefront, logo, products, staff, etc.)
20 custom designed pages
Online contact form
2 photo slide-shows
Free consultation on website revenue producing options.

A twenty page site is designed for the business looking to maximize the revenue potential of the internet. Your site will have ample space to help direct your offline customers to your store or office while at the same time providing value to new internet customers. An online store, downloadable reports, and other options to bring income through your website can be explored with your free consultation.

Estimated Delivery Time: 1 month

Basic Maintenance Package: $75 /month
Web Builder Package: $125 / month

Maintenance Packages

Just as your business wouldn’t survive if you never updated your products, services, and advertising, your web site will not reach its full potential without ongoing maintenance. The internet is constantly evolving and what works today will be outdated and harmful in a few months. We don’t believe in the “build it and forget it” philosophy where sites are created and then the business owner left wondering what to do with it. We offer two convenient maintenance packages that will help ensure your site remains fresh, current and more and more useful to your customers.

Basic Maintenance
Smaller websites are by their very nature static, but that does not mean you cannot keep it up-to-date! For a small monthly retainer, we can easily modify existing content as your business changes. Other possibilities are updating graphics, adding seasonal or special sales, etc.. Basic maintenance does not include additional pages or capability, but it is the ideal solution to keep your site in line with your business and to show your customers your online portal is as ready for business as your offline store or office.

Web Builder Maintenance and Search Engine Optimization Package
The most profitable web sites are sites that are constantly changing and growing. These sites result in repeat visitors and improved search engine positioning. More sales and better leads are the result of designing and building a web site that caters to people, and not simply to search engines. Our professional web builder package is designed to better serve your customers, and we know how to build a site that your customers will frequent and that the search engines will rank. The web builder package is designed to allow you to rest easy, knowing your partners are monitoring your online presence. It includes all the features of basic maintenance, plus, twice a month we will review your web site’s performance. We will monitor your ranking in the search engines, incorporate the latest web site optimization trends and, over time, work with you to provide value, not just an online business card. We will guide you in creating new website content and your site will grow in an optimized, search engine and customer friendly way. Note that new pages must fit into the existing structure of the web site. We will recommend website directory listings and take the steps necessary to include your site, you just pay the directory submission fee. If you decide on an advertising program, we will help you manage the program to help improve your ROI.

Additional Web Design Services

Scanning: $5 per image, beyond those included in packages. Includes digitial editing and optimization for the web
New pages: $50, unless included in Enhanced maintenace package
New layout of existing site: $50/page of current site to-be-redesigned
Computer Consulting: Microsoft office application help. Home or office PC questions (Windows only). Billed at $35 / hour,
plus travel expenses outside Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Travel is limited to Central Wisconsin only.

Domain Registration and Hosting

Promotion Web Design believes that you should not have to pay a hefty markup on web site essentials. Unlike some companies that can charge $20 or more for registration, we offer a comprehensive registration and hosting package to our design clients at our cost. The prices are determined by our providers and we do not mark them up in any way.

Domian Registration: Your domain is registered for low price of $5.99 per year. Certain types of domains, such as a .biz domain, are available for a small additional fee.

Web Site Hosting: Starts at $3.19 per month and can vary depending on your needs.

Custom solutions are always available if you need a set of services not listed here. Please contact us for a customized web design solution.